Xiuxing Institute


Welcome to the Xiuxing Institute
A Dharma Center affiliated with the Xuanfa Institute in Sanger, CA

ADVISEMENT:What an interesting year, thus far! This is to notify all visitors that our regular Wednesday night sessions are currently on hold due to an impermanent situation that we anticipate will be over soon. Until then we continue to remain available for discussions, etc. just not on a regular basis. Call 575.770,7372 for more information Thank you for your patience.

Deb [Baima Gabu] and Mike Jones [Dani Tuji], as disciples of Venerable Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche, a close disciple of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, established the Xiuxing Institute in 2009.

We are honored and privileged to be able to offer all living beings the opportunity to listen to approved English translations of selected discourses of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The translations are currently being reviewed and will be redistributed once that process is complete. While the translations are being prepared we are able to offer recordings of The Dharma Every Buddhist Must Follow a book by the Female Dharma King, Dorje Amang Nopu Pa Mu. All Buddhist lineages, as well as non-Buddhists are welcome to experience these recordings and discussions led by  Baima Gabu Rinpoche and Dani Tuji Rinpoche.

The Xiuxing Institute is no longer located at 1337-G Gusdorf Road in Taos, New Mexico. The Institute is, after all, more a product of mind rather than a physical entity but we hope to have physical accommodations toward the end of 2014. Until then please be patient with us.
Please contact Mike at (575) 770-7372 or email  harsha.taos@gmail.com

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